Shinelly Women Rockabilly 買い物 Sweet T-Strap Ado Cone Heel Mary Janes Cone,22円,Janes,Shinelly,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Rockabilly,Mary,Ado,,T-Strap,Women,Sweet,/Acrita391221.html,Heel 22円 Shinelly Women Rockabilly Sweet T-Strap Cone Heel Mary Janes Ado Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Cone,22円,Janes,Shinelly,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Rockabilly,Mary,Ado,,T-Strap,Women,Sweet,/Acrita391221.html,Heel 22円 Shinelly Women Rockabilly Sweet T-Strap Cone Heel Mary Janes Ado Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Shinelly Women Rockabilly 買い物 Sweet T-Strap Ado Cone Heel Mary Janes

Shinelly Women Rockabilly 買い物 Sweet T-Strap Ado Cone 別倉庫からの配送 Heel Mary Janes

Shinelly Women Rockabilly Sweet T-Strap Cone Heel Mary Janes Ado


Shinelly Women Rockabilly Sweet T-Strap Cone Heel Mary Janes Ado

Product description

Basic Information
Heel Type:cone heel,high heel
Heel Height:2.95"/7.5cm
Toe Shape:Round Toe
Color:black,beige,mint green,pink
Shoe Style:mary jane,pumps
Material Internal:Synthetic

Size Chart:
size 4=foot length 22 cm ; size 4.5=foot length 22.5 cm
size 5.5=foot length 23 cm ; size 6=foot length 23.5 cm
size 7=foot length 24 cm ; size 8=foot length 24.5 cm
size 8.5=foot length 25 cm ; size 9=foot length 25.5 cm
size 10=foot length 26 cm ; size 10.5=foot length 26.5 cm
size 11.5=foot length 27 cm ; size 12.5=foot length 27.5 cm
size 13=foot length 28 cm ; size 14=foot length 28.5 cm
size 15=foot length 29 cm

Question amp; Answer
Q1:When can I get the shoes?
A1:You can see the shipping time when you place your order and we will send your package as soon as possible!
Q2: What should I do if I have problems?
A2:Please feel free to send us email and tell us your problems,we will reply you in 12 hours(except holiday) and try our best to help you solve problems!
If the products have problems,please send us email with the problem products picture,which can help us to solve the problem in time!

Dear friend,we are very honored that you can place an order in our store,your satisfaction is our greatest honor!if you are satisfied with our service,please leave us good feedback.Thank you!

Shinelly Women Rockabilly Sweet T-Strap Cone Heel Mary Janes Ado

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