4Run,for,Automotive , Replacement Parts,OCPTY,cpcequipment.com,Fit,for,Carburetor,1984,5T8L9Y,21100-35520,/Cora1236148.html,78円,Toyota 78円 OCPTY 21100-35520 5T8L9Y Carburetor Fit for 1984 for Toyota 4Run Automotive Replacement Parts 4Run,for,Automotive , Replacement Parts,OCPTY,cpcequipment.com,Fit,for,Carburetor,1984,5T8L9Y,21100-35520,/Cora1236148.html,78円,Toyota OCPTY 21100-35520 売買 5T8L9Y Carburetor Fit for Toyota 4Run 1984 78円 OCPTY 21100-35520 5T8L9Y Carburetor Fit for 1984 for Toyota 4Run Automotive Replacement Parts OCPTY 21100-35520 売買 5T8L9Y Carburetor Fit for Toyota 4Run 1984

OCPTY 21100-35520 売買 5T8L9Y Carburetor 5☆大好評 Fit for Toyota 4Run 1984

OCPTY 21100-35520 5T8L9Y Carburetor Fit for 1984 for Toyota 4Run


OCPTY 21100-35520 5T8L9Y Carburetor Fit for 1984 for Toyota 4Run

Product description

Specification :
100% brand new
Material: Heavy duty zinc alloy construction
Type: Automatic Carburetor
Input voltage: DC 12V
Aftermarket high performance engine carburetor replacement
High performance electric choke
Improve throttle response for better engine performance
Add 5~10% horsepower and maintain near stock fuel mileage
Directly replace the old/broken one
Please check the picture and part number carefully before making payment.
Interchange Part Number:21100-35520 5T8L9Y

Compatible models:
1984 for Toyota 4Runner 2.4L l4 GAS SOHC
1981-1984 for Toyota Celica 2.4L l4 GAS SOHC
1982-1984 for Toyota Celica 2.8L l6 GAS DOHC
1981 for Toyota Celica 2.8L l6 GAS SOHC
1981 for Toyota Corona 2.4L l4 GAS SOHC
1981-1983 for Toyota Pickup 2.2L l4 DIESEL SOHC
1984 1986-1987 for Toyota Pickup 2.4L l4 DIESEL
1984-1985 for Toyota Pickup 2.4L l4 DIESEL SOHC
1985 for Toyota Pickup 2.4L l4 DIESEL SOHC Turbocharged
1985-1987 1993 for Toyota Pickup 2.4L l4 GAS
1981-1995 for Toyota Pickup 2.4L l4 GAS SOHC
1985-1988 for Toyota Pickup 2.4L l4 GAS SOHC Turbocharged
1988-1995 for Toyota Pickup 3L V6 GAS SOHC

Package Includes:
1 * Carburetor

OCPTY 21100-35520 5T8L9Y Carburetor Fit for 1984 for Toyota 4Run

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