Shock,Strut,Left+Right,6,Front,Side,Complete,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/actinoblast1235875.html,For,96円,Pair, Pair Front Left+Right Side Complete 蔵 For Shock Strut 6 96円 Pair Front Left+Right Side Complete Shock Strut For 6 Automotive Replacement Parts Pair Front Left+Right Side Complete 蔵 For Shock Strut 6 96円 Pair Front Left+Right Side Complete Shock Strut For 6 Automotive Replacement Parts Shock,Strut,Left+Right,6,Front,Side,Complete,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/actinoblast1235875.html,For,96円,Pair,

Pair Front 供え Left+Right Side Complete 蔵 For Shock Strut 6

Pair Front Left+Right Side Complete Shock Strut For 6


Pair Front Left+Right Side Complete Shock Strut For 6

Product description

Fitment: Please check Amazon Fitment Filter and Description to see if this item will work on your vehicle before purchase!Item Offered2x Complete StrutPositionFor Front SideCrossReference72569, 172569, 72568, 172568Feature*Enhances overall handling, safety and performance of your vehicle.*Pressurized N2 gas to reduce foaming and aerating.Also to ensure product better performance.*Effectively to reduce the effect of traveling over rough ground.*Precision robotic welding in most of the applications.*Powder-coated finish for corrosion resistance and long time service.*Hard chromed piston rod micro-cracks chromed surface processed amp; ultra-precision vertical polishing to ensure smooth contact between the piston rod amp; seal.*Buckle holes are consistent with the original car in situ for easy amp; quick installation without any changes.

Pair Front Left+Right Side Complete Shock Strut For 6

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