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Healthcare Clogs Bundle: <セール&特集> Troentorp Women's セール特価 Sho Donatello

Healthcare Clogs Bundle: Troentorp Women's Donatello Clogs Sho


Healthcare Clogs Bundle: Troentorp Women's Donatello Clogs Sho

Product description

The Donatello is our go-to clog for professionals and those looking for a more refined style. This clog features and adjustable buckle strap that is great for accommodating all types of feet, from narrow to wide. This clog is sleek, beautiful and professional. Available in three fantastic colors and set upon our classic black base, this clog is sure to be a timeless and favorite addition to your footwear collection.

Healthcare Clogs Bundle: Troentorp Women's Donatello Clogs Sho

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