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InstantFigure Womens Compression Shapewear Tummy SEAL限定商品 Trim C ●手数料無料!! Contrast

InstantFigure Womens Compression Shapewear Contrast Trim Tummy C


InstantFigure Womens Compression Shapewear Contrast Trim Tummy C

Product Description

The InstantFigure Contrast Trim One-Piece Swimsuit is a must have for this season. Our slimming compression fabric blend of 72% nylon and 28% spandex contours to the body and keeps its shape. The compression fabric provides added support, yet allows for breathability and flexibility throughout so you're able to move around without any restrictions. The special blend within the fabric keeps the suit looking its best every time you put it on and it was built to last. This suit offers an added support through a shelf bra with soft foam cups. Feel confident knowing that your curves are being highlighted with a subtle sexiness that you will love when wearing our InstantFigure Contrast Trim One-Piece Swimsuit!


DISCLAIMER: This is a compression suit that was designed to compress the target area (depending on style of garment, i.e. shirt/leggings/etc.). Fitment should be tight to maximize the garment.


InstantFigure Womens Compression Shapewear Contrast Trim Tummy C


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