Bedside,Green,43円,Frame,Rug,,Carpet,,/bareheadedness1619701.html,Bedroom,Gold,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Dark,Line,Rug,,for お買い得品 Rug Carpet Dark Green Gold Bedroom Line for Bedside Frame 43円 Rug Carpet, Dark Green Gold Line Frame Rug, for Bedroom Bedside Home Kitchen Home Décor Products 43円 Rug Carpet, Dark Green Gold Line Frame Rug, for Bedroom Bedside Home Kitchen Home Décor Products お買い得品 Rug Carpet Dark Green Gold Bedroom Line for Bedside Frame Bedside,Green,43円,Frame,Rug,,Carpet,,/bareheadedness1619701.html,Bedroom,Gold,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Dark,Line,Rug,,for

お買い得品 Rug Carpet Dark 公式サイト Green Gold Bedroom Line for Bedside Frame

Rug Carpet, Dark Green Gold Line Frame Rug, for Bedroom Bedside


Rug Carpet, Dark Green Gold Line Frame Rug, for Bedroom Bedside

Product description

Size:80 * 160CM

GYMS welcome your arrival, there are a variety of different styles of carpet to choose the shop!

Size: all sizes are able to meet the needs of different places
Materials: Polyester
Blanket Weight: about 1kg / m
Thickness: 6mm
Clean: washable, it is best not machine wash

※ Why folded package?
Since international transport is limited in size. Therefore, we must be folded according to international transport policy. However, due to the folding may cause some creases. If you're very much in mind, please buy carefully, thank you for your understanding! (In fact, the mat into the water and then flatten after drying, can be restored to the original state, it is because the pressure of the cushion to be folded fluff. Washing after it)

※ pre-purchase notes:
* Edging strip color black, pink, gray, brown and other colors, no special requirements, usually black edging, and communicate with a customer with color notes edging. There is also a simple catcher, simple white thread catcher nice, does not affect the overall results, there is a demand of buyers, please note the simple catcher.
* Due to the production process of raw materials have certain contraction, plus all of the artificial cut and sewn, so there is a certain size error, there is the small size of about 1-2cm larger size error may be relatively more, but will try to control within the standard range. If the buyer 100% accurate size requirements, please carefully shot

Rug Carpet, Dark Green Gold Line Frame Rug, for Bedroom Bedside

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