KIARSWE Shockproof Laser Light Combo Lumens La Strobe 500 期間限定で特別価格 62円 KIARSWE Shockproof Laser Light Combo, 500 Lumens Strobe Light La Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Combo,,Shockproof,KIARSWE,500,Light,Lumens,Strobe,La,62円,/churchmaster1875817.html,,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Light,Laser 62円 KIARSWE Shockproof Laser Light Combo, 500 Lumens Strobe Light La Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness KIARSWE Shockproof Laser Light Combo Lumens La Strobe 500 期間限定で特別価格 Combo,,Shockproof,KIARSWE,500,Light,Lumens,Strobe,La,62円,/churchmaster1875817.html,,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Light,Laser

KIARSWE Shockproof Laser Light Combo Lumens La 倉庫 Strobe 500 期間限定で特別価格

KIARSWE Shockproof Laser Light Combo, 500 Lumens Strobe Light La


KIARSWE Shockproof Laser Light Combo, 500 Lumens Strobe Light La

Product Description

KIARSWE flashlight laser combo green laser for pistol, Elevate Your Confidence in Matter Moments

3IN1 Tactical Green Laser Flashlight Combo

We KIARSWE are committed to manufacturing high-quality, high-precision laser flashlight combo for pistol, watch for the safety of you and your family.

The KIARSWE is an ultra-compact mini flashlight and red or green beam for gun. Featuring an adjustable sliding rail, easily control the distance between the gun sights and the finger. Though at a compact form factor, it delivers 500 lumens of bright white tactical light for pistol, along with highly visible green beam for greater accuracy and more options for you to select between light and green lazer combined.


Item Red Green Laser Pointer + USB Flashlight Combo
Material Anodized aircraft grade aluminum material
Lens Glass with shock resistant gasket seal
White Light Max Brightness 500 lumens
Green or Red Laser ≤5mW, 532nm, Class IIIA, meet safety requirements
Laser Distance 200 Meters
Runtime 5hr/laser, 1hr/light, or 45min for both laser and light
USB Rechargeable Operation Voltage 4.2-7.0V
Multiple Modes Red Laser only; Green Laser only; Bright Flashlight only; Red Laser+Flashlight; Green Laser+Flashlight
Ambidextrous Operation Left and right hand switches for ambidextrous operation
Operating Temperature Operating temperatures of-20 to +120 degrees Fahrenheit
Water amp; Impact Resistance Water amp; Impact IPX4 water-resistant;1 meter impact resistance tested
Dimensions Length:1.91 in; Width:1.2 in; Height:1.48 in
Weight 2.32 oz.(65.7 g)
Apply Which have standard Picatinny rail

KIARSWE Shockproof Laser Light Combo, 500 Lumens Strobe Light La

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