Small,or,Support,,Surround,and,/contraclockwise1875749.html,Ankle,Loop,Hook,,Health Household , Health Care,23円,Closure,Righ,Left 23円 Surround Ankle Support, Small Hook and Loop Closure Left or Righ Health Household Health Care Surround Ankle Support Small Hook and 業界No.1 Righ Closure Left or Loop 23円 Surround Ankle Support, Small Hook and Loop Closure Left or Righ Health Household Health Care Surround Ankle Support Small Hook and 業界No.1 Righ Closure Left or Loop Small,or,Support,,Surround,and,/contraclockwise1875749.html,Ankle,Loop,Hook,,Health Household , Health Care,23円,Closure,Righ,Left

Surround Ankle Support Small Hook and 業界No.1 Righ 低廉 Closure Left or Loop

Surround Ankle Support, Small Hook and Loop Closure Left or Righ


Surround Ankle Support, Small Hook and Loop Closure Left or Righ

Product description

Surround Ankle Support, Small Hook and Loop Closure Left or Right Foot, DJO, 79-97863 - Sold by: Pack of One; Manufacturer Name: DJO; Manufacturer Number: 79-97863; Brand: Surround; Color: White; Dimensions: 8-1/2 Inch Length; Fastening Type: Hook and Loop Closure; Material: Thermoplastic; Size: Small; Target Area: Left or Right Foot; SOLD BY: Sold by: Pack of One.

  • Small: 8½-inch height
  • Fits right or left ankle
  • Rigid thermoplastic shells with adjustable heel strap to help prevent inversion/eversion
  • Air and gel bladder may be used for cold therapy to treat tender or swollen ankles
  • Suitable for wear from acute to active phases of ankle recovery and rehabilitation

Surround Ankle Support, Small Hook and Loop Closure Left or Righ

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