Solid,Gold,Men,,for,18K,Chain,Style,Pendant,Cross,55円,/cynocephalous1876067.html,Necklace,Clasp,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women, 55円 18K Gold Chain Style Cross Pendant Necklace Solid Clasp for Men, Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 55円 18K Gold Chain Style Cross Pendant Necklace Solid Clasp for Men, Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Solid,Gold,Men,,for,18K,Chain,Style,Pendant,Cross,55円,/cynocephalous1876067.html,Necklace,Clasp,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women, 18K Gold 定価の67%OFF Chain Style Cross Pendant Necklace Clasp Men Solid for 18K Gold 定価の67%OFF Chain Style Cross Pendant Necklace Clasp Men Solid for

18K Gold 定価の67%OFF Chain Style Cross Pendant Necklace 即出荷 Clasp Men Solid for

18K Gold Chain Style Cross Pendant Necklace Solid Clasp for Men,


18K Gold Chain Style Cross Pendant Necklace Solid Clasp for Men,

Product description


Our jewelry is made by our highly skilled artisans thus;

- Resistant to tarnishing,

-The look and feel of solid gold.

Cross pendant is crafted in Fine 14K gold with solid clasp. Figaro Chain is also made from solid 14K gold 3mm wide. Pendant height is 42mm and width is 29mm. Comes in lovely gift box.

Attention To Detail;

The diamond cut "twist" of this Classic Cross Chain design exposes many sides of the necklace to make it glisten in the light.

Designed for Men, Women, Teens, and Children. It may be worn with a pendant or worn alone.

A touch of gold can add a nice bit of style to anyone's wardrobe

Exclusive Gold Chain Necklace made in USA from real 14Karat gold and laid over a heart of semi-precious metals.

Available in 3mm width and length of 18, 20 AND 24inches Sold for a fraction of the cost of what other retail stores charge for a similar kind of chain, but lower quality jewelry. None offer a complete lifetime guarantee like we do - against any and all defects. Buy once and have it all your life!

What makes it better?

Over 18mls of 14K gold in each chain - 10 times more gold than in the cheaper electroplate which changes color quickly. No cheap base metals like steel, copper (turns green) or nickel (toxic). Our trade secret is in the special SEMI-PRECIOUS alloy of the best bonding metals we use to ensure the look of solid gold and its long life.

Our prices are insanely good, purchase while supplies last. Our chain is covered with a special protection coating to guard against tarnishing.

The clasp is very sturdy - FAR SUPERIOR in strength and style, also prettier and easier to use. Ends of each chain are soldered for extra strength. Perfect for pendants or for wearing alone.


- Exclusive discount offers

- First chance to see and purchase new styles before general public

18K Gold Chain Style Cross Pendant Necklace Solid Clasp for Men,


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