Pi,Trim,Carbon,Window,cpcequipment.com,Car,B-Pillars,FLAMEER,22円,Window,Molding,Fiber,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/paleodendrological391223.html Pi,Trim,Carbon,Window,cpcequipment.com,Car,B-Pillars,FLAMEER,22円,Window,Molding,Fiber,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/paleodendrological391223.html FLAMEER Carbon Fiber Car Window Molding Trim B-Pillars Pi 注文後の変更キャンセル返品 FLAMEER Carbon Fiber Car Window Molding Trim B-Pillars Pi 注文後の変更キャンセル返品 22円 FLAMEER Carbon Fiber Car Window B-Pillars Molding Trim Window Pi Automotive Replacement Parts 22円 FLAMEER Carbon Fiber Car Window B-Pillars Molding Trim Window Pi Automotive Replacement Parts

FLAMEER Carbon Fiber Car Window Molding Trim B-Pillars Pi 男女兼用 注文後の変更キャンセル返品

FLAMEER Carbon Fiber Car Window B-Pillars Molding Trim Window Pi


FLAMEER Carbon Fiber Car Window B-Pillars Molding Trim Window Pi

Product description


- 6 Pieces per set ,Fit for BMW 3 Series E90(2005-2012)
- The true carbon fiber monofilament,pure handmade.
- Three-dimensional,abundant visual perception.
- Double-sided adhesive paste,simple and fast,easy for you to install and clean.
- It can prevent the surface of car B-pillars from scratches, dust.


- Material: Carbon Fiber
- Size 1: Approx 46x9.5cm/18.11x3.74inch
- Size 2: Approx 34x4cm/13.39x1.57inch

Package Includes:

1 piece Set Carbon Fiber Car Window B Pillar Trim Cover (6pcs)

Your satisfaction is our priority. So we would deliver the highest quality products and services to meet your satisfaction.

FLAMEER Carbon Fiber Car Window B-Pillars Molding Trim Window Pi

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