Roosebeck Bendir w 18" 最安値 Snare 76円 Roosebeck Bendir w/Snare 18" Musical Instruments Drums Percussion Roosebeck Bendir w 18" 最安値 Snare 76円 Roosebeck Bendir w/Snare 18" Musical Instruments Drums Percussion w/Snare,Roosebeck,Bendir,/ricinoleic1235753.html,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,18",76円, w/Snare,Roosebeck,Bendir,/ricinoleic1235753.html,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,18",76円,

Roosebeck 出色 Bendir w 18

Roosebeck Bendir w/Snare 18"


Roosebeck Bendir w/Snare 18"

Product description

Bendir 18 inch frame. Rosewood construction with tunable goatskin. A traditional instrument of North Africa, more specifically in Morocco. A snare adds to the liveliness of these drums. Features: *Goatskin Head w/ Snare *18" Diameter *Hand made with solid rosewood *Shipped Insured! *Brand New!

Roosebeck Bendir w/Snare 18"

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