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Storage Lockers

Sheet Metal & Wire Mesh






We will take your Storage Locker project from start to finish. Whether you choose Sheet Metal or Wire Mesh lockers, we’ll provide design input, submittals and field measuring. A CPC team member be with you throughout the entire process to ensure we supply and install a Storage Unit that Satisfies all your needs. We have solutions for all conditions – low clearance, ADA requirements, behind parking stalls and more!

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Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Lockers provide a clean finish to your storage areas. These lockers are
custom-built to suite the requirements of your project.

Our corrugated system keeps prying eyes from viewing the contents of your lockers. Door design offers added security vs. wire mesh doors.

Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh Lockers are a great option for building managers who want to know their tenants are storing belongings in a safe manner. Wire mesh also allows more light into the locker vs. the corrugated system.