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Wire Mesh

We install custom wire mesh systems






Limit access to your restricted areas or direct traffic with our Wire Mesh Partitions.  Security gates, stairwell partitions, bike cages, gas alcoves, garage fencing and more – we will supply and install a custom wire mesh system to fit your project. We offer a variety of locking options and door features.  Our Wire Mesh is an attractive upgrade from chunky Chain-Link fences.

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Security Gates

Whether it’s in a Stairwell, Open Garage or Otherwise – Secured Access is key to safety of your Tenants and Residents.  Our Wire Mesh Partitions provide Security, Safety and traffic flow (Pedestrian and Automobile) that you are looking for.

Bike Cages

You already have Bike Racks – now keep them even more Attractive, Safe and Secure behind Lock and Key.  With several locking and egress options your Resident’s Bicycles are now Safer than ever!

Gas Alcoves

Keep your Gas Alcove secure with a wire mesh installation. Limit access to only approved personnel and prevent tampering. Go Galvanized to ensure your wire mesh last for years to come, even when exposed to the elements.

Military Storage Cages

COFs, TEMFs, AFRCs, SOFs and more!  They generally all require some form of Wire Mesh Caging.  Ours has been installed on Military Installations from Connecticut to San Diego – Seattle to Texas and many in between!